Dental Cleanings

It is our goal to have everyone who walks in our office as healthy as possible. We can work together as a team to achieve this. Oral health has been proven to play an important role in achieving overall health.
Your health matters to us!

Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings, scaling, periodontal scaling/root planing

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a soft, sticky mixture of bacteria, waste products from bacteria, and some food debris. It irritates the gums, or gingiva, and causes inflammation over time: gingivitis. The longer plaque is left on the teeth, the harder it gets. After some time, plaque can form calculus, otherwise known as tartar. Calculus is mineralized plaque and does not come off with a simple brush and floss. The bacteria in plaque and calculus can cause an ongoing state of inflammation called gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to a more serious disease called periodontitis (attachment loss and bone loss). The most common treatment for periodontitis is Scaling and Root Planing.

Scaling/Root Planing

The objective of scaling and root planing, otherwise known as conventional periodontal therapy, or non-surgical periodontal therapy, is to remove or eliminate the etiologic agents which cause inflammation: dental plaque and its products and calculus, thus helping to establish a periodontium free of disease.


Tooth polishing is the act of smoothing the tooth surface removing external stains. The purpose of polishing is to make it difficult for plaque and stains to accumulate on the surface. Common practice is to use a prophy cup—a small motorized rubber cup—along with a minimally abrasive polishing compound.