In-Office & Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Our In-Office treatment consists of two 20-min sessions with an LED light, providing instant results. A whitening gel is applied to the enamel surface of the teeth and an LED light is placed directly in front of your mouth to oxidize the gel. Throughout the sessions, you will be monitored closely. In between each session, we will check to see how your teeth are reacting to the gel and check your shade. At the end of the sessions, you are sent home with a take-home maintenance pen. This allows you to continue whitening and maintain your nice BRIGHT smile.

Our Take-Home treatment consists of taking an impression of your upper and lower dental arches to fabricate custom fitted whitening trays. A start up kit of 6 syringes of gel, a storage case for trays, and a shade guide is provided. Detailed instructions are given on proper use and care of the product.

For ultimate results, we recommend using these 2 treatments together.

Keep me going refills are available in a 2 syringe pack.

Our Boost Whitening treatment consists of one 20-min session with an LED light. We recommend combining one with each cleaning appointment to maintain your nice BRIGHT smile.

Please make sure not to over bleach your teeth as this can cause serious problems to your enamel. Always choose your products carefully and don’t be shy to ask questions.

All of our products are CSA approved.