Oral Assessment

Extra Oral Examination:

The examination of the head and neck region, lymph node assessment, TMJ assessment, skin assessment. This allows us to note any changes, if any, throughout treatment and if something arises, it can be tracked and a possible reason can be determined.

Intra Oral Assessment:

This is the assessment of the lips, tongue, checks, palate, floor of the mouth, and gums. Noting normal and abnormal lesions and wear in the mouth. Periodontal Risk factors: cheek biting, tongue biting, geographic tongue, smoking effects.

oral assessment
oral assessment

Hard Tissue Examination:

We assess your teeth and bone levels.  We can see if there are any areas of concern that may need to be addressed by a dentist, and determine the best treatments needed for your mouth. Risk Factors assessed: Attrition erosion, hypercalcification, demineralization, abfraction, abrasion, fluorosis, stain and decay. This is also where we determine the level of tartar on your teeth.

Soft Tissue Examination:

In the soft tissue exam we assess recession, furcation involvement, gum health- bleeding, pocket depths, color, contour and consistency as well as gum attachment loss and mobility.

oral assessment
Healthy Gums
oral assessment

Oral Cancer Screening:

As primary health care providers, we are responsible for providing the best possible care to all our clients. Some cancers are first seen in the mouth and can be diagnosed early on if monitored. Our Oral cancer screening is done throughout each of our assessments. We look for possible skin, lips, tongue, palate, floor of the mouth, throat, and cheek lesions, any smoking lesions, abnormal lesions, and common wear, ie. cheek biting.

To find out more about oral cancer, visit the Oral Cancer Foundation and Oral Cancer Foundation Dental.

oral assessment